Shumei International Institute

The Shinji Shumeikai Institute is located at 8200 feet in the southern Colorado Rocky Mountains.  The 24-acre facility currently consists of:

  • 3840 sq. ft. Sanctuary Building
  • 2870 sq. ft. Food Service and Dining Building
  • 1290 sq. ft. Caretaker’s Building
  • 1290 sq. ft. Garage and Maintenance Building
  • 5240 sq. ft. Office and Gift Pavilion

The buildings are constructed of energy efficient materials including straw-bale construction, low-E fenestration, photovoltaics, and passive solar.

Active solar systems are used to heat the buildings.  The closed systems heat hydronic radiant floors and coils used to temper the outside air.  Domestic hot water is also heated with the solar systems.  High efficiency boilers are used for backup when the sun is not shining.  Direct digital controls are used to tie the facility together.  All of the control points come to a central location and are used for temperature adjustment and trouble-shooting using the color graphic interfaces.

Recipient of the 2002 Colorado Renewable Energy Society award, commercial buildings category.