Boulder County Courthouse Annex

A complete retrofit of this historic building (formerly the Elks Lodge) precipitated a complete mechanical and electrical renovation of the building.  A new variable air volume direct expansion (DX) air handling unit was installed which will eventually serve the entire building and make the mixture of equipment currently obsolete.  Variable air volume boxes with hydronic reheat coils were utilized.  The domestic water system was upgraded and the new spaces fire sprinkled.

Colorado Historical Society Storage Facility, Pueblo, Colorado

The original Pueblo Airport, circa 1925, was renovated to provide museum storage space for the Colorado Historical Society.  This 12,000 square foot facility houses the larger objects owned by the Society such as carriages, farming vehicles, etc.  A critical part of the design was to incorporate precise temperature and humidity controls for an optimal storage environment.  Direct digital controls allow for precise environmental control and also monitor the space. Via a modem, the Historical Society can track the temperature changes from their Denver offices.  In addition to completely new mechanical systems, a complete dry pipe fire protection system and a new electrical service and distribution system was added.  Numerous architectural upgrades were done in order to better insulate the structure and provide for humidity containment.

Colorado Historical Society, Denver Museum, Denver, Colorado

Renovation and retrofit was done on the Colorado Historical Societies Museum in Denver, Colorado. The storage area in the basement has been renovated to allow the public to see the storage area which has previously been closed to the public.  A two story viewing wall has been designed to allow access.  Observation of  artifacts and their restoration is now available to the public.

Delaware Hotel, Leadville, Colorado

7,000 square foot renovation of 1886 historic hotel including new restaurant, kitchen, lobby, sprinkler system, lighting, and fire alarm systems.  Project design included upgrading the 100-year old hotel to meet current historic building code requirements.  The renovation included decoration with Victorian-age lighting and interior.

Pioneer Museum, Trinidad, Colorado

This Historic Adobe structure dates from the Santa Fe trail era and was located in an important place of commerce on the trail.  Now owned by the Colorado Historic Society, it serves as a museum representing Colorado during the 1850s to 1880s. Upgrades to the structure include a new radiant heating system with humidification control.  Also involved is an upgrade to the electrical service, security detection and exhibit lighting.

University of Northern Colorado, Gunter Hall, Greeley, Colorado

Adaptive reuse of historic building on campus to serve as the Department of Health and Human Services. Complete renovation of historic building.  Conversion of the steam system to a hot water system.  Addition of new absorption chiller plant and high temperature hot water converters for heating system.  New air handling units with DDC controls.  New plumbing and fully sprinkled.

University of Colorado, Hazel Gates Woodruff Cottage for Women’s Studies, Boulder, Colorado

This Historic building is the second oldest building on the Boulder Campus.  Built in 1886, it originally was a dormitory for the women students on campus.  This $1,000,000 renovation provided a facelift and a new air conditioning system with two DX air-handling units.  The original steam radiators were kept, but the system was converted to a hydronic system.  Each room has individual controls.  Fully sprinkled, all new plumbing.