Energy Efficient Projects

Seward Mechanical Systems services provide our clients with cost effective and sustainable energy alternatives compared to existing designs. Our certified geothermal designers have gained knowledge that expands beyond the engineering realm and into the sustainable design industry.

The firm’s experience includes design, installation oversight and commissioning for a wide range of geothermal heat exchangers including open loop, vertical and horizontal closed loops and hybrid loops for load balancing.

Seward Mechanical Systems we are dedicated to delivering the most energy efficient systems with professional and qualified design services.

Areas of Expertise:
  • Load profile calculations
  • Loopfield sizing and site layout
  • Energy Savings Calculations between alternative designs

Our responsibilities encompass central chilled water plants, boiler plants, hot water distribution, and equipment optimization. As energy engineers, many projects have been retrofits incorporating free cooling, variable air volume conversions, cogeneration, geothermal, solarthermal and efficient piping and pumping methods.