Historic Buildings

Deleware Hotel ImageThe need for modern mechanical systems is one of the most common reasons to undertake work on historic buildings. Such work includes upgrading older mechanical systems, improving the energy efficiency of existing buildings, installing new heating, ventilation or air conditioning (HVAC) systems.

Seward Mechanical Systems underscores the importance of careful planning in order to balance the preservation objectives with interior climate needs of the building.

Seward Mechanical Systems is familiar with the problems associated with installing mechanical systems in historic buildings and recommends approaches to minimizing the physical and visual damage associated with installing and maintaining these new or upgraded systems.

Our Services:
  • Assess the condition of the historic building
  • Evaluate the significant elements that should be preserved or reused
  • Prioritize the preservation objectives,
  • Understand the impact of new interior climate conditions on historic materials
  • Integrate preservation with mechanical and code requirements
  • Understand the visual and physical impact of various installations