Donnan Residence

This 14,000 square foot residence has a 35-ton ground source heat pump system for heating and cooling.  In addition there is a separate 5-ton dedicated domestic hot water heat pump system.  The ground loop consists of 26,000 feet of “slinky” loops installed in a field 7 feet below the finished grade.

The heating system consists of 35 separate zones of in-floor hydronic radiant heating.  Three separate water temperatures are maintained on an outside air temperature setback control system.  There are 16 separate cooling zones using fancoil units.  These fan coils also serve to boost the heating when required.  Simultaneous heating and cooling can occur in separate zones as required.

A snow melt system was designed for approximately 6,000 square feet of driveways, walkways, and patios.  The system is heated with a 98% efficient Buderus condensing boiler.  This boiler also backs up the domestic hot water system resulting in unlimited amounts of hot water draw.