Caruthers Resience

This 10,000 square foot residence has a 25-ton ground source heat pump system for heating and cooling.  In addition there is a separate 5-ton dedicated domestic hot water heat pump system.  The ground loop consists of a series vertical boreholes for the ground heat exchange.

The heating system consists of 21 separate zones of in-floor hydronic radiant heating.  The radiant floor heat also functions as a radiant floor cooling system in the warmer months.  There are 7 separate fancoil units that provide additional heating and cooling. Simultaneous heating and cooling can occur in separate zones as required.

A snow melt system was designed for approximately 1,500 square feet of driveway.  A 98% efficient condensing boiler serves the snow melt system and backs up the entire geo thermal system.  This boiler also backs up the domestic hot water system resulting in unlimited amounts of hot water draw.

Other items heated by the geo-thermal system include a custom outdoor hot tub with cold plunge pool, and a year round Koa fishpond.