Maddox Elementary
Hay Elementary
Lowell High School annex
Cherrelyn Elementary
Bishop Elementary

Replacement of entire steam heating plants including distribution piping with hot water system. Years of neglect had resulted in the mid 1950’s steam system to deteriorate beyond repair.  The entire steam plant and distribution systems for these buildings was removed and replaced with a new hydronic system including end use devices.  The boiler plant was modular in nature (3-5 boilers) which allowed for redundancy, easy maintenance, and excellent energy  efficiency. New controls were installed that sequenced the boiler firing to meet loads, and lead/lagged so as to even the wear on the boilers.  The boiler plant was also incorporated into the domestic hot water system. New end use equipment (unit ventilators, fan coil units, etc.).  Replacement of entire domestic water plumbing system.  All new controls.  Electrical upgrades, including new lighting design.