Arvada United Methodist Church

Addition of a full service kitchen to serve the flock.  Grease hood exhaust, kitchen makeup air, heating , cooling, plumbing, and fire protection.  The dining area was to be in the also newly designed Family Life Center (gymnasium, conference area, etc.).

Columbine Country Club

Remodel and renovation of the three luxurious dining areas, capable of feeding approximately 200 individuals.  Design of a new full service kitchen.  Addition of a new “Cheers” type of bar and dining area.  Modifications and additions to the air handling systems, grease hood ventilation, plumbing, etc.

The Rio Grande Restaurant

Design of a new restaurant facility in Boulder downtown.  Complete gut and renovation of an historic building. Full design including HVAC, plumbing, and fire protection.  Special care was made in the domestic water piping to the margarita machines.

The Redfish Restaurant and Brewpub

A new restaurant on the Boulder Mall, featuring New Orleans cuisine and on site micro-brewed beer.  The entire mechanical and plumbing systems in this turn of the century building was renovated.  Indirect / direct evaporative cooling systems were installed for energy efficiency.  The restaurant has a prep kitchen, full kitchen, full bar, wait station, and a dining area and a pool area.  The mechanical systems for the brewing process were also designed including a steam boiler and chiller.

The Wyncoop Brewery

Study and design for replacement of the cooling systems for the first microbrewery in Colorado.  Its proximity to the baseball field in lower downtown Denver, has resulted in enormous popularity.  People loads in excess of 1500 individuals have created large ventilation and cooling loads.  The study and design solved their problems.  Indirect / direct evaporative systems were utilized.