Michener Library, University of Northern Colorado

Michener Library replacement of a 320 ton high temperature hot water absorption chiller.  Control upgrades to the exhaust systems to improve airflow and overall balance.

A separate project, the Information Literacy Presentation Facility was designed to provide a space for the teaching of access to the Internet and other information gathering systems available on the computer.  Funding was made available by James Michener himself.

Norlin Library Chiller Plant, Boulder, Colorado

A new chilled water plant was designed and installed at the main campus library.  Chilled water was not previously used at this facility.  A new subbasement addition was built to house the two 400-ton absorption chillers.  Steam from the central plant was used to fire the chillers.  A primary-secondary pumping scheme was utilized along with variable volume water flow.  Sixteen air handlers were retrofitted to accept chilled water coils and piping throughout the library was installed.  Direct digital controls were designed to optimize plant performance.

University of Colorado, Business School

a)  Upgrades to the HVAC  systems serving the school and library.  Including rebuilding air handling units, distribution systems, and local control.

b)  Electronic Media Center – Separate library within a library utilizing computers for material access.  Complete new mechanical systems