Ross Hall Chiller Replacement

Replacement of two old Servel absorption chillers with a new scroll type air cooled chiller. Routing of piping from the basement to the roof. Other items included the exhausting of a demonstration fume hood and the rebuilding of an outside air intake for a 35,000 CFM 100% outside air handling unit

Dormitory Restroom Upgrades

For years, the dormitories on the old east campus experienced temperature fluctuations in the showers resulting in scalding conditions. A study was provided to ascertain the cause, make appropriate recommendations, and offer a probable construction cost estimate.

Included in the recommendations were water-pressure-reducing valves, shock absorbers, and pressure-compensating shower valves. The measures were implemented in one dormitory immediately and there have been no complaints since.

Michener Library

Replacement of a 320-ton high temperature hot water absorption chiller. Involved structural input to access below grade location of plant. Control upgrades to exhaust systems to improve overall air balance in the building. Assistance on a Program Plan for the facility. Plan was used for procurement of State funds for major renovations.