Maroon Peak and Redcloud HVAC Renovation

A complete retrofit of the air handling systems in the Redcloud and Maroon Peak buildings. New variable air volume direct expansion (DX) air-handling units were designed which will eventually serve the buildings. Variable air volume boxes with hydronic reheat coils are utilized. A new boiler was designed along with distribution piping to the VAV boxes. New tie-in to the Johnson central control systems.

Welding Shop Ventilation Design

Design of an exhaust and filtration system for the welding shop. All of the welding stations were exhausted and ducted to a centralized cartridge filtration system. The air was then filtered through HEPA filters and returned to the space. This system is expected to save large amounts of energy over a 100% outside air system. The comfort and ventilation systems for the building were also replaced with new equipment.

Central Chilled Water and Boiler Plant

Design of a central plant housed in a new separate building to serve the entire campus in Fort Collins. Underground utilities were designed for the distribution to the 8 separate buildings. The new plant was designed to eliminate the use of individual rooftop units. Replacement of the rooftop equipment was part of the project. The first phase is to address 4 of the buildings with future tie-in to the remainder of the campus. Approximately 600 tons and 9,000 MBH.